Monday, April 26, 2010

Here I am up in my "Crows Nest", one of my favorite places.

I sleep here for hours at a time, especially since my mommy put it over by the window.
Sometimes I sit on the lower deck and look out at the birdies and those stupid squirrels.
My other favorite place to sleep is on mommy's lap!

Tell me where your favorite place to sleep is.

Purring always ~Martina


  1. Chloe and I love to look at you blog.
    I like to watch birdies too.
    My favorite place to sleep is on mommy's lap also. I also like to sit on Pops shoulders and walk in front of puter when he is trying to do some stuff on it...after all what could be more important than me!
    I also like to get her up at 5 AM to feed me. She is up anyway so .....
    Chloe and Mom

  2. Hi Martina! I love your perch - great way to observe all the action! Glad you put me on your buddy list - and that I come before that dog Scout! Hmph!
    Love, Marvin the cat