Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aren't I a pretty girl?

Here I am sitting in my favorite window looking at all the birdies at the birdfee...
OH! What was that? I saw something, did you just see something?

I want to introduce all my friends at the right -
Marvin and Scout are my mommy's friend Shelley's kids.
Buddy is my mommy's friend Dar's kid.
Dexter is my mommy's friend Toni's kid.
Chloe is my aunt, my mommy's mom's kid when she was a baby!

If you would like your "kid" featured on my blog  send me a comment!
Don't forget to comment and tell me how pretty I am!

Purring always ~Martina


  1. Yippee!!!My picture is there.
    I like to watch birdies too.
    Hummers are neat to watch.
    My mommy hangs out a humming bird feeder just so I can watch them.
    You have a lot of nice friends.
    Aunt Chloe

  2. Love love love this blog. You can catch sporadic pics of Dexter at his blog too!!

    Oh Wendy you have a way of putting together such a cute place. ;)