Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sound asleep in my shelter when the phone rings...

Grandpa Ken answers - "Its for you, Martina, its your dad."
"Oh! Thanks grandpa!"

Purring always ~Martina    =^.,.^=     ><(((*> yum!


  1. Grandpa Ken really like spending time with Martina..helped him not miss his Chloe so much. He truly is a cat person.

  2. My pop paid attention to someone else! I thought I smelled someone else on him.
    I was so happy to see them when they finally got home. Pat and Butch took very good care of me while they left me all alone for what seemed like a year! They didn't get to much sleep last night, I had to keep checking on them to make sure they were still here. I gave them "smooches" all night long. If they got out of my site I would start crying really loud. I am on my moms lap right now and I plan to stay here for a very long time.
    Aunt Chloe