Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mommy's Read-a-thon is coming up! I am so excited! I love books. They have so many wonderful smells, especially library books. It is like getting all the smells of the world in one book.
And not to mention that I get to sit on mommy's lap all day while she reads!

Purring always ~Martina =^.,.^=


  1. Wake up you need to keep your mom awake!!!!!
    Enjoy the smells.
    I love the smells when my mom comes in from working outside in the yard.
    A whole lot of new and different smells.
    Aunt Chloe

  2. I like the smells of books too but mommy doesn't seem to like me getting too close to her books. Do you think it's cause I chew on the corners maybe?