Sunday, December 19, 2010

My mommy's coat is nice too. She won't let me have it though. She says she still needs it. She said I can barrow it anytime I want. It is so nice and cozy, I can see why you people wear these things!

Christmas is coming soon. I can't wait! All that paper and ribbon to play with. I hope my mommy and daddy got me something nice. Maybe a coat!

Purring always ~Martina  =^.,.^=


  1. Martina, ask your mom to knit you a sweater to keep you warm.
    i am always cold too and can't wait till summer comes back.
    Merry Christmas.
    Aunt Chloe

  2. Awwww, how sweet. Martina I hope you get yourself a nice cuddly coat for Christmas. I sure wish you could teach Sammy to lay nice on my clothes instead of chewing them to bits. Hugs Martina!