Monday, October 18, 2010

I can pretty much be comfortable anywhere.

Purring always ~Martina  =^.,.^=


  1. I like playing on the steps. I beat the crap out of them.
    They are not going to get the better of me.
    Aunt Chloe

  2. Martina. I hope you realize that as an educator, and friend of people, I am telling you this for your own good....
    GET OFF THE STAIRS!!!! You are a tripping hazard and may possibly cause your masters bodily injury. Tell the blonde one to buy you a stair kitteh climber instead. then, everyone will be happy.
    Love always,
    Aunt Casey

  3. We don't get to be comfortable anywhere but our tank! But I must say, its alot less stressful now that that stupid betta fish has his own bowl!

    Ashley's fish

  4. I didn't want to share a tank with you two anyway!

    Aurora (aka "stupid betta fish")

  5. Fish??? Did someone say fish?? Yum! Um I mean, you can come on over here to visit me any day! I'll keep you safe.