Monday, August 23, 2010

Hello "Hello"!

 Mommy bought tons of stuff in TN and Grandma packed it all up and mailed it to mommy. I got to keep the box! So now I have a new Homeless shelter! Any stray kitties or people around, I am willing to share.
Hello Kitty and I are friends!
I love you Hello Kitty! I'm so glad mommy invited you to stay at our house.

Purring always ~Martina    =^.,.^=


  1. Okay..she looks neglected and poor in that box! ah ah..

    and she looks at home with the kitty.. too precious...

    She is movie star kitty. :)

  2. You look way to comfortable with Hello Kitty.

    Your new box home looks like it is just the right to move around. It was a big box.

    I tied to climb in the box while my mommy was packing it to come for a visit but she spotted me and made me get out. BOO HOO

    Aunt Chloe

  3. my daughter loves the Hello Kitty pictures. :) cute!!