Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sure, Mom gets to go to the Adirondacks

I want to go to the cabin too!
Did you pack any of my stuff?
I don't see anything of mine in here.
Let me put my paper ball in the bag, that's all I need to pack.
What? I'm not going? I am not happy with you.

Do your parents ever take you on trips with them?

Purring always ~Martina


  1. I can't leave my tank so I don't get to go anywhere with my mommy. :-(


  2. Maybe next time they will take you.
    My mom and dad used to take me when I was little but now all they ever take me to is that vet that likes to prick me with a needle. I complain all the way there as loud as I can. I want out of that case, but when I get to the vets I don't want to come out so they have to drag me out. I try to hold on for dear life but that doesn't work. I really yell a lot.
    Aunt Chloe

  3. Hi Martini May, I'd bring you down here to work with me, but you would get home sick . Dad

  4. Martina, my mommy takes me everywhere cause if she doesn't I whine and cry and claw her legs until she does. Maybe you could try that?


    ps- I love that last pic where she looks totally ticked with you. Buddy's mom.