Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best seat in the house - right on mommy's lap!
Doesn't every Princess Kitty drink on a throne?
Mom, You know I do not like to be watched while I sleep!
Martina - "Well, my mommy is going away for two weeks and leaving me the whole house to myself.  Wait a minute! No, laps to sit on! No hands to pet me! No food, no water, OH NO! I'll die!"

Mom - "Martina, chill, Grandma is coming to take care of you."

Martina - "Oh yeah."
"Isn't every Princess kitty a Drama Queen?"

Purring always ~Martina  =^.,.^=


  1. Martina, Look at it positively....You WILL have the whole house to your self! You can do what ever you want and get into what ever you want. Toilet paper is always good. Besides grandma will take very good care of you and give you lots of love so you don't feel lonely. {but i know what you will be going through cause I get separation anxiety when I am left alone for a long time...I am just giving you a pep talk} Hang in there. I am happy because I get to spend some time with your mom now.
    Aunt Chloe

  2. Martina May, I'll still be coming home on the weekends

  3. Checking in on your baby!! Hey.... I think she had a big party while you were gone......better check the silverware drawer!

  4. Martina, I would take care of you if you ever needed a babysitter! You're such a cute cuddle fluff!!